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Web Developer For Mobile and Desktop at TechTree Innovations (Anywhere)

Freelance / Posted 06 March 2013 / Viewed: 1966 times /

TechTree Innovations is a startup IT company. We will develop software, provide web media and provide innovations to current business systems. TechTree will eventually become hard to define in a specific area of IT as we will expand into many subsets.

We are a company of young people and the primary factor for us is creativity. Innovating the existing ideas to build new ones, is something that we care deeply about. Nigeria needs outside-the-box thinkers and we have them here.

Your role in this company is to be part of a team that will develop web-based software solutions for our clients and our own project.
You will be responsible for coding and providing technical insights on implementing various web technologies. You will work under a creative director and provide support to the creative process as well as to your teammates.

You will need to have above average knowledge in at least one of the following.
-jQuery Mobile

Minimum requirement; High School completion.